20 freebies up for grab!

20 generous sponsors decided to play Santa for us and each gave a gift to be distributed among you dearies. Wait no more, if you want to receive additional presents: go right ahead, try your luck, join the contests and please follow the simple mechanics accordingly. :)

Here’s the complete list of all the Sweet Treats:

  1. 3 pieces of clothing from Poisonberry
  2. 5 chic items from Anagon Collection
  3. Mishca Pearl Headwrap from The Royalty Shop
  4. Paris-inspired Eiffel Tower necklace from Xreations
  5. Customized Twin Dogtags from Graffities
  6. Php200 worth of gift certificate and a blue top from Secret Paris
  7. A pair of Alphonse Mucha earrings and locket from The Vintage Chick
  8. Contact Lenses from Asian Vogue
  9. An item of your choice from Popjunklove
  10. Php500 gift card from Uber Finds
  11. Yellow skirt and a yellow cross necklace from Monster Closet
  12. 6 quirky items from Curls and Twirls
  13. Loose top of your choice from Flattering Tops
  14. Red earrings from Anak ng Kwek Kwek!
  15. Accessory Package from Tricky Trinkets
  16. Rainbow Bracelets from BahagniHarrie
  17. 50% off discount on any item from Hauterfly
  18. Golden brocade vest & 5 assorted keyboard rings from F-STOP
  19. White M2 blazer from Fiévre
  20. Gift certificate from Moonshine

Shipping costs of the prizes will be shouldered by the sponsors except for certain cases where you have to claim it yourself or if both parties decided to do a meet-up instead. Gift certificates and such do not include free shipping. All remaining items will be delivered free-of-charge on your doorstep.

All promos will run until December 31, 2010. Announcement of winners on January 03, 2011. Join now! Spread the Holiday Cheer, spread the word. Happy Holidays!

*Just a little reminder to all who joined and will be joining the Sweet Treat giveaways, please make sure that you are posting your comments on the right link (Shop Stop posts). Comments posted elsewhere will not be considered.

  12/26/10 at 09:00pm
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