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The soulmate of my life and girlfriend, Cherryl, approached me one night and told me that she wants to give away some of her dainty dresses. This is in line with the celebration of her 22nd birthday (she has the same birthday as Harry Potter, btw) and will serve as a birthday blowout to you, readers.

Two lucky winners will be chosen by Cherryl herself, one will win 2 dresses of her choice and the second one will own a dress and the era ring. If that seems to be a pretty rad deal to you, please follow the following steps to be in the running:

  1. Follow Cherrylisraindrops.
  2. Reblog this post and please post it as it is, you can add some thoughts of yours but do not delete anything.
  3. Write on the Disqus comment board to be found here with your name and Tumblr username plus the answer to this question.

"Which one of the 3 dresses above you like most and where would you likely to wear it?"

Since we’ll all be surely busy partying on the 31st, I’m moving the deadline one day later than the original plan. The contest will run until midnight of August 01, 2011 and winners will be announced the following day (August 02, 2011).

Go right ahead, join now!

Guess who the model of the dresses is. :p First one who get the right answer will receive a special gift from me. Haha!

Sweet Treats

For my Valentine’s Sweet Treat, one lucky reader will win the following jewelries from Estrellas Manila:

1. 23” faux pearl neckpiece with vintage gold key pendant

2. Dea Dia Ring

3. Juusan ring

Here’s how to join in the giveaway:

  1. Reblog this post.
  2. Leave a message for Estrellas Manila on the comment board here (please DO NOT post it anywhere else) with your name and URL where you reblogged about the contest.

Note: You have to do both steps to be able to qualify in the contest.

This will run until February 26, 2011; announcement of winners will then follow. Spread the love.

  02/14/11 at 09:44pm

Icons and Instant Sweet Treats!

My dear friend KS asked me for a page badge and I realized that I don’t have any, (I used to have one but I don’t know its whereabouts now) so I’ve made a couple of pieces.


Just in case you’re interested (something that I’d be grateful for), you can copy the codes here.


First 5 persons who will follow all the instructions below will win sweet treats each:

  1. Reblog this post.
  2. Put one of the icons above on your sidebar, codes can be found here.
  3. Send a message on my Tumblr Ask with your complete name and shipping address.
  01/26/11 at 08:41pm

Sweet Treat Winners

I know lots have been waiting for the announcement of Sweet Treat winners, sorry to keep you waiting. There are quite a number of entries (I also noticed some who joined multiple giveaways :D) and I need to compile them all for the raffle draw. I’m genuinely thankful to all of you who participated in Spread the Holiday Cheer project, from the sponsors (generous shops that you definitely should visit, go buy their products too) to the readers, friends, and to everyone who spread the word, thank you. I’ll probably do this again in the future.

Congratulations to all the winners! If you didn’t get to win, don’t worry, there is another giveaway running on my page and it’s the last copy of Reese & Vica’s EP (NU 107’s College Band of the Year) up for grabs! You can also expect more of All The Best weekly giveaway here from your favorite Tumblr personalities so don’t forget to check often.

Okay, much has been said, time to bring you the list of winners. Read under the cut to find out if you’re one of those 25 lucky people who won Sweet Treat goodies. Winners must send their complete name + shipping details on my Tumblr Ask until January 09, 2011 (Sunday) or your prizes will be forfeited, another winner will be drawn if you failed to do so. Don’t forget to read the reminder below the list.

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  01/06/11 at 10:28pm

I’m making big, life-turning decisions for 2011, to hell with fear.

**Sweet Treat winners to be announced later today.